Noncommunicable Disease Services

The coming challenge

World Cancer Day advertisement, UICC, Global Cancer Control World Cancer Day advertisement, UICC, Global Cancer Control

While much awareness surrounds the communicable disease burden of developing countries, chronic non-communicable diseases are the major cause of death and disability worldwide. Cancer causes more deaths in low and middle income countries than AIDS.

Noncommunicable conditions now account for 59% of the 56.5 million deaths annually and almost half of the global burden of disease. The majority of these deaths and disabilities occur in developing countries.

Aside from illnesses of childbirth and newborns, few noncommunicable diseases are on the agenda for developing country governments. Cancer, hypertension, and certainly mental health are low-priory illnesses for both medical and political leaders. Complex, lengthy, and expensive treatment and a grave lack of training opportunities have combined to exclude management of most noncommunicable diseases from the repertoire of most private providers. This is changing however, particularly with diabetes care among the wealthy urban elite, and private providers are cautiously extending their services into other areas, albeit with great caution.

Support from the corporate sector and from WHO and other global public health leaders is increasing. This section of our website remains under construction, but will be completed soon.