The presentations on this page were given at the International Health Economics Association bi-annual meeting in Toronto, on July 09, 2011 in a pre-Congress symposium. Click on a link to download pdf version of the presentation. The symposium agenda and abstracts can be found here.


  • Tim Evans (coming)
  • Julio Frenk
  • Lunch Presentations

  • WB/IFC Healthy Partnerships
  • Session 1A: Measuring the Private Sector

  • Montagu: Outpatient Care in LMICs
  • Grepin: What Explains Trends
  • O'Hanlon: Assessments to Inform Policy Reform
  • Session 1B: Good, Bad, or Indifferent: Quality of Care in the Private Sector

  • Kanjilal: Indian RMPs
  • Ron: HIV Testing in Zambia
  • Gabre-Kidan: Supervision in Ethiopia
  • Abu Shaqra: FP in Jordan [VERY LARGE FILE]
  • Session 1C: Recent Evidence and Policy Implications

  • Xiaohui Hou: Private For Profits in China
  • Ahmed: Bangladesh Universal Coverage
  • Hanson: ACT Watch
  • Nguyen: HIV/AIDS in Vietnam
  • Session 2A: Public Vs. Private

  • Lagomarsino: DC Purchasing
  • Gaechter: Physician Density
  • Cheng: Dual Practice in Australia
  • ListyaDewi: Hospital PPPs in Jakarta
  • Session 2B: The Private Sector Role in the Overall Health System

  • Yoong: Firm-Level Perspectives in Ghana and Kenya
  • Anh: Partnerships for Ambulatory Care in the Mekong Region
  • Feeley: Effective Regulation
  • Montagu: Comparative Health Outcomes
  • Session 2C: The Private Sector Role in MCH Services

  • Hotchkiss: Inequity in ModernContraceptive Supply
  • Abuya: Vouchers in Kenya
  • Bellows: Reproductive Health Vouchers
  • Pomeroy: Trends and Determinants of Private Delivery Care
  • This symposium was supported by the Shops Project with funding from USAID and the Rockefeller Foundation. It was organized by the UCSF Global Health Group on behalf of the partners below