The presentations on this page were given at the International Health Economics Association bi-annual meeting in Beijing, on July 11, 2009 in a pre-Congress symposium. Click on a link to download pdf version of the presentation. The symposium full report can be found here, and includes a complete set of abstracts.


  • Mukesh Chawla: The Role of the Private Sector in Health
  • Lei Haichao: Health System Reform Policies and Private Sector Development in China
  • Lunch Presentations

  • Henrick Axelson: Private Sector Participation in Health
  • Stefan Nachuk and Gina Lagomarsino: The Role of the Private Sector
  • Session A: Understanding growing private participation in changing health systems

  • Zhang: Privatization in China
  • Nguyen: Provision in Vietnam
  • Ozawa: Trust in Cambodia
  • Krajewski: Privatization in Poland
  • Session B: Understanding the private sector role in service delivery

  • Viberg: STIs in Tanzania
  • Wang: HIV/AIDS in LIC
  • Edwin: HIV/AIDS in India
  • Levin: Framework for immunization
  • Session C: Models of mixed systems

  • Meessen: HS in Cambodia
  • Gama: 2-Tier Malawi
  • Araujo: 2-Tier: Brazil
  • Onil: Innovative models for service delivery in LMIC
  • Session D: Working with the private sector

  • Hanson: Linking public and private sectors
  • Forsberg: Contracting performance in India
  • Vassall and Mackay: Private health markets in plans
  • Bishai: Social franchise vs. Private clinics
  • Session E: Policy

  • Ying: Develop private sector in China
  • Lowe: Legislation and pharmacies in LIC
  • Bergkvist: HS reform in Andhra Pradesh
  • McPake: 2-Tier issues in LIC Health Systems
  • This symposium was supported by the PSP-One Partnership and the Rockefeller Foundation and organized by representatives from the institutions below